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Prabhukote Center

Location India - It's A Girl

Number of children at the center 12

Center Story The center is ran by Pastor Rabindrapatra & Caretaker Pinky Das. This center in Orissa is located in one of the poorest areas of India. People here do not have jobs in their villages most of them migrate to cities for work. Children here are very malnourished and underweight. Girls are very neglected, and the community is very patriarchal, and male dominated. The village is deeply grateful for this project. The pastor and the caretaker also hold classes for the families regarding nutrition and this has been an eye opener for the villagers. The pastor educates them about the value of locally grown food, sprouts and the value of millets and grains which are powdered and given to the children as a porridge. Until now the people were under the impression that the children needed to be fed on high priced meats, fish and fruits to be healthy. When they saw the simple affordable food that we gave the children and the improvement in their health the villagers are also following this diet. Overall, this center is not just helping the kids but also educating and bringing awareness to the local community on health and wellbeing.