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Guduvancherri Center

Location India - It's A Girl

Number of children at the center 14

Center Story This center is led by Pastor Elijah and his wife Eliza. The center has been creating a revolution of sorts in the community. Most villages in India have two parts – the higher caste and the lower caste. The center is situated in the lower caste section, meaning the upper caste people would not send their kids here. But over the last five years they have been keenly watching the center and have been seeing the good that is being done here for the baby girls. The upper caste people have started becoming more curious and this past December two children from upper caste families are attending the center. This is a cultural revolution that is very rare in India! On hearing this the Government officer and the village union leader came for the Christmas function and garlanded Pastor Elijah for breaking this great boundary wall. Jesus came to set the captives free and abolish oppression and this is coming true where service is being done in His name.