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Mullakurichi Center

Location India - It's A Girl

Number of children at the center 13

Center Story This center is led by Pastor David and his wife Sheba. The center is located in Namakkal district and is very close to the gypsy encampments. Most of the children attending this center belong to gypsy tribes. They are generally looked down upon by other people and it's difficult for them to even buy certain essentials as they are chased away by the shopkeepers. They thrive on fortune telling and usually do not mix with other members of the village and especially do not entertain the idea of worshipping another God as they believe their fortune telling powers will be taken away if they turn away from their ancestral spirits. This center has made great progress into this community. Sheba has seen the poverty-stricken malnourished kids of this community started travelling there every day for care at the center.